Frontend Coder,
Developer and Designer
based in Czechia.

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Hi, my name is Vojtěch.
I am frontend coder, developer and designer based in Czech Republic.

Since 2015 I am trying to make the web a bit more enjoyable for all of us.

In my projects I care for page speed, performance, usabillity and accessibility while keeping the website good and memorable experience. Atleast that is what I aim for.

I do not fear challenges while still keeping myself on-ground about projects which I might not handle by myself. That is why I keep in touch with great developers and designers with whom I cooperate.

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You can try to reach me via or see my current work on sites like Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Also keep an eye my on Codepen or Dribbble where I post ideas or snippets from my work.

See ‘ya later!